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Wincest Fanfiction List

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This community is the place to find all of your wincesty needs in a quick,
and easy way!

I try to, at least, once a week add a new wincest fanfiction category
(Mpreg, Vamp!Fics, Weapon!kink, ect). I try to make the post as simple
as possible, so that fics can be easily found!

This community will contain NC-17 material, along with Slash(boy!porn)
and adult themes. We cannot be held responsible for what is read here,
so if you are not of legal age, it is probably best to leave. We wouldn't
want to corrupt your mind or anything.

Also, the only member with posting rights will be the moderators,
which means at this moment only me ( apathetic_me_67 ).

Unless otherwise stated all fanfics will be Sam/Dean. John/Dean and
John/Sam are also excepted and will show up since it is still wincest
but if the paring is one of those two it will be listed beside the link.

Getting all these fanfictions together and ordered by category
is a tough job! So if you'd be willing to help me out with the
process leave a comment on any of the posts in the community
and I'll let you know how you can help!

Images and layout by apathetic_me_67.

Wanna affiliate? Drop me a comment here