apathetic_me_67 (apathetic_me_67) wrote in wincest_ficlist,

Mod Post

In all honestly I never thought anyone would mind me linking to their fics, since it was still taking people to their LJ. People have commented and made me aware that they do mind though. Sorry, to all the authors, I didn't even think about it!

At the moment I am considering rather to continue on with this community or close it down, I am incredibly busy at the moment and it's a tough job for just one person.

Once again, sorry to all the authors. If I decide to keep on with the community I will go back and leave comments, if not all posts will be deleted and therefor it won't matter. I'll know in the next few days which I will be doing.

ETA: I have unfourtunatly (or fortunately, however you want to look at it, :P ) decided to close this community, be it tempory or for good I am not sure yet. But classes are crazy and I am just really busy. So, that it is known, this has nothing to do with the author's comments. I was already thinking about closing it down, at least for a while. Sorry, all! Maybe I'll be able to start it up again later. All previous post are going to be set to friends only soon so if anyone wants to mem stories they can, this is the only post that will stay public. sorry guys.
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